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moving some hockey stuff here instead of posting on TOD sounds like a good idea to me, hbu
All right, gonna get right down to business here.

On the 29th at 7 pm, the Cincinnati Cyclones will be holding an exhibition game on Fountain Square. One half of the team plays against the other half of the team, food and drinks will be served, and it's completely free. Now, I'd like to go (going was my idea initially) very much, but my sister, uncle, and sister's friend Meghan are going. While I am very introverted, the three of them are very extroverted, and together they create this profound extroverted force, and they plan on spending the day stalking the hockey players and meeting them. Though I'd be fine with interacting with the 'Clones in a chance-y, coincidental kind of situation, actually hunting them down and introducing myself sounds like a nightmare, and I know for a fact the profound extroverted force is going to make me join it. I just want to watch the game.

Now, I could stay home, and would have an excuse to -- the NHL All-Star SuperSkills Competition will be televised beginning at the same time on that same day. Prizes (hockey sticks specifically) are going to be given out via Twitter, and I'd love to participate in that. But there's only a slight chance of me winning, and even better prizes will be given out the next day during the actual All-Star game (which comes on during a Cyclones game I'd also like to go to, argh...).

So I should go to the exhibition game, ja?

Well, I'm scared of the extrovertedness.

Someone help me work this out plz :(

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I would not want to go with them either lolz ;-;

but maybe they won't be able to hunt any of 'em down

anyway you can't not go and miss out on the gaem :>

yay someone who gets me

i think i will go ;3; hockey sticks aren't worth it

the signed dutchy hat + other things might make skipping the actual clones game the day after worth it, tho

i will talk to the profound extroverted force and ask them not to make me join in ;_;

yes, talk to them ;u; if they can be reasoned with

and there is no reason to stop posting hockey stuff on TOD

I'm the only other one from tmc who uses lj >:T how will everyone else stay updated on your hockey shenanigans!!

well i can talk about hockeymenz on tmc whenever they come up (wary)

okay, i will still post some tingz on TOD

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